Libas Foundation-An Initiative.

Give Your Old Clothes, A New Life!

A group of 7 people from 7 different regions decided to create a foundation, “Libas Foundation”.

Action Plan:

1. Key Partners:

Our Key Partners include the people/donors whom we take clothes from. Our resources include new or used clothes, donation in form of money can also be done. Key partners also include people normal civilians, students, or organizations from whomever we can take clothes from

2. Key Activities:

· Collecting clothes

· Buying clothes, Packing and Distributing the clothes

· Collecting money from donors Persuading people for the donation

3. Value Proposition:

The value that we are offering is that we are distributing clothes to people in our community, those people that are labourers in our society who hardly completes 2 meal a day and do not have access to clothing. Some of the labourers are single parents who have 4 to 5 children. these people would get clothes that would help them to save their earning as much as they could. we have targeted such people in Layyah and Vehari.

4. Customer Relationships:

· Donor relationship

· Receiver relationship (needy)

5. Customer Segments:

· Labors family who are single parent, earn just the bare minimum for the day.

· Widows.

· Disabled People.

6. Key Resources:

· We have people in our community who are willing to donate.

· On-time distribution

7. Channels:

We have targeted labour families in Layyah, disable and widows in Vehari. Our manpower which consists of group members or volunteer in the future would distribute these clothes. Two of our members distributed new clothes from the funds near Eid-ul-Fitr.


· To donate at least 150 clothes and impact 150 people by June.

· To collect the donations of about 30,000 and donate clothes from them.

·To have minimum1000 followers collectively of all social media accounts.

Libas Foundation; Donating Clothes.

Task Division Among Fellows:

1. Jawaria Binte Shakir- Leader, set the deadlines, and empower group to take initiatives.

2. Muhammad Omer khan- Logo Design, Documentation, and social media posts.

3. Noor-ul-ain Shahzad -Tech, Instagram, and e-mail handling.

4. Noor Fatima -Facebook handling, created Logo Design and social media posts.

5. Mehran Zahid- Suggested the idea, collected donations, and distributed clothes.

6. Inam Ullah Fundraising- and group moderator.

7. Ajlal Haider- Collected donations, distributed clothes, and maintained record.


We have decided to complete our above-mentioned goals by 5th June.

· Funds Collection: 15th April — 5th June.

· Create posts and videos on Social Media pages: 18th May — 20th May.

· Collect Pictures: 1st May — 31st May.

Anticipated Challenges:

· After the idea is finalized, the main issue we face will be to decide the target group and area.

· Every member is from a different city which makes it difficult for us to gather, collect and donate clothes.

· It is difficult for us to donate clothes in COVID times because everyone is taking precautionary measures and it is also important to follow SOPs.

· People will not trust us. Collecting donations will be tough because we are at the beginning stage and have no progress to show.

· Time Management issue.

· Getting followers on social media and creating impact online will require our commitment and our continuous engagement.

· We will have to spend our money during this whole activity (e.g, transport, washing clothes etc.)

How will we overcome:

· Since every member is from a different city, it will work great because we can donate in different cities and can make an impact in different parts of this country.

· To deal with the COVID situation, we will design posters and posts on Social Media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

· By donating clothes and money from our pockets we can share the progress on our Social Media Platforms so that people will start to trust us and donate as well. In this way, the number of followers will also increase.

We will set daily goals and schedule meetings to overcome the Time Management issue.

Our Meetings For TheCause.




Jocoserious Jawaria is leading her life to become a Doctor. Debates are her passion and Leadership is what she was born with. Learning new skills is my hobby.

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Jawaria Shakir

Jawaria Shakir

Jocoserious Jawaria is leading her life to become a Doctor. Debates are her passion and Leadership is what she was born with. Learning new skills is my hobby.

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